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December 12, 2013 5:30pm - 6:30pm

45 Minute Holiday Group Meditation w/ Kathleen Bell, RN

Cannon Beach Yoga Arts
45 Minute Holiday Group Meditation w/ Kathleen Bell, RN

Give yourself a Holiday gift that keeps on giving – Group Meditation!

The gift of a meditation practice provides a connection with our deepest self, that place inside us that never changes. Spend some “time in” and pause during this busy season for some nice, deep breaths in peace and quiet.  Meditation allows you to inhabit the spacious inner seat of consciousness, to deeply relax and to notice what continuously occurs in your mind and body with a sense of peace, discovery and well-being (and maybe some amusement!). Cultivating the capacity to non-judgmentally observe the fluctuations of the mind-body is the key that opens the door to the ever present sanctuary inside each of us, where all is well.

Based on scientific evidence and training with the Center for Meditation Science and the Chopra Center, Kathleen will help prepare the group for 30 minutes of seated meditaiton to relax and connect the mind and body during the bustle of the Holiday Season.

There will be 3 sessions that may be attended in succession or on a drop-in basis:
  • Thursday, Dec. 5 will be 2 hours of instruction and guidance in seated meditation.
  • Thursday, Dec.12 and 19 will be 45 minute sessions that explore ways to progress, guided intentions and group meditation.

No previous experience is needed. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that will keep you warm. Personal meditation cushions and/or benches are welcome.

NOTE: It is best to meditate on an empty stomach.

Holiday Meditation Series (3 sessions):  $40
Dec. 5th - 2 Hour Meditation Workshop only:  $25
Dec. 12th & 19th - 45 Minute Group Meditation:  $10

Kathleen Bell RN, Advanced Holistic Nurse, Certified Meditation Specialist
Kathleen’s 40 years of nursing experience have focused on Maternal–Child nursing, Nurse-Midwifery, nursing and consumer education, integrative women’s health care and meditation. She is certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association as an Advanced Holistic Nurse and by the Center for Meditation Science to teach meditation, and is currently a member of the National Center for Meditation Science Certification Board of Directors. Now a retired Assistant Professor of Nursing and an experienced public speaker, Kathleen regularly teaches and presents on meditation and holistic healing. She also consults independently under the business name of Northern Light: Illuminating the Path to Wholeness.

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