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October 22, 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm

Heading Toward Headstand w/ Brad Waites

Cannon Beach Yoga Arts
Heading Toward Headstand w/ Brad Waites

Open to All

Please join Brad Waites, Senior Purna Yoga Teacher, for the weekend or just a class or two.


Saturday, 10/21
12:30-3:30pm Purna & the Future of Yoga: Consciousness, $75 
What is the grand universal design, and what part does each of us play in it?  How do we cultivate a yoga practice that fits into our modern world while also uniting us with our unique purpose?  We will explore these questions and more through the lens of the sacred geometry of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, and then apply its timeless wisdom to a purpose-driven asana and Heartfull Meditation practice.  This will be “big picture” work, but will also teach you practical application of yogic truth to your daily life.  Includes interactive philosophy discussion, asana practice, and Heartfull™ Meditation.  Best when combined with the afternoon session.

4:30-7:30pm  Purna & the Future of Yoga: Creation, $75
An elevated consciousness, in and of itself, is not the point of yoga; yoga seeks to create, evolve and transform the material world by using that consciousness as a creative force.  In this session, we will build on the morning’s workshop by exploring the Mother’s Symbol, which is a template for creation, so we can better understand how to make real changes in real life.
Do these workshops sound too esoteric for you?  Let’s make it practical: imagine your life if you were connected to your highest and best self, and that part of you guided your daily decisions and created your life experience.  What has more practical impact – living that way daily, or having an asana practice that makes you feel good for a while?

Sunday, 10/22
10:00-1:00pm  Heading Toward Headstand, $75
Shirshasana has more benefits than any other pose, and it’s completely safe IF you know what you are doing.  In this class, we will learn how to build to and perform a safe and effective shirshasana.  By the end of class, you will know exactly what prep work you need to be doing in your practice to build to the pose.  You will have “readiness” tests that will clearly identify when you have developed the required shoulder flexibility and strength to do the pose.  And you will know how to precisely create the foundation of the pose to keep your neck and shoulders safe for a lifetime of practice.  Shirshasana is NOT a pose to try casually, but it is one that should be in your repertoire.  Come and learn how to build to the pose the Purna Yoga way.

(Note: shirshasana is contraindicated for the following:  seizure conditions, stroke, eye conditions adversely affected by pressure, neck issues, heart conditions, high blood pressure, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, menstrual period.)

2:00-5:00pm  Bhujangasana Master Class, $75
This class will turn cobra-haters into lovers, and will take cobra-lovers into a new state of bliss.  Whatever your relationship with the pose at the start of class, you will have a deeper understanding of bhujangasana by the time we are done, as well as an enhanced skill set to create a more complete expression of the pose in your body.  You do this pose most every class; come and learn how to get the most from it!  Several “a-ha!” moments are guaranteed.

Full weekend retreat $250/ $225 Early Bird by 9/20/17. Does not include Friday Purna Teachers' Workshop.

Brad Waites is one of the fewer than 40 teachers world-wide to be certified at the 2000-hour level in Purna Yoga.  He leads workshops throughout North America and Internationally.

Space is extremely limited for this retreat.  Please register Online under the Guest Instructor Workshop tab or call 503-440-1649.

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