Stilling the Mind, Stabilizing the Hormones w/ Dr. Mica Carew & Dr. Josie Schmidt

October 15, 2014

Two-Day Workshop:
Saturday, 10/25/14 & Sunday 10/26/14 
An Introduction to Hormone Balancing and the Mind/Body Connection

Listen to the KBOO Podcast with Dr. Mica and Dr. Josie talking about this upcoming workshop:  Podcast Link

Join Portland based Naturopathic Doctors Mica & Josie for a 2-day introduction to hormone balancing and mind/body connection.

Almost every function in a woman's body is controlled by hormones.  Balancing hormone levels help minimize monthly hormone swings and health issues related to menstruation and menopause.  Achieving hormone balance is a symphony of the systems in the body working in harmony.  $75 for all events.

Schedule of Events:  Saturday, 7:00-9:30pm and Sunday, 11:00am-5:00pm.


Essential Oil Tea Party
Lavish in the luxurious aromas and tastes of teas made with essential oils.  And learn how to make these teas to help with hormone balance and mental/emotional well being.


Living Grace Meditation w/ Dr. Mica Carew

Learn a guided meditation to help still the mind and create peace and ease to support the nervous system.  This brings the hormone levels back into homeostatic balance.

Essential Oils & the Mind/Body Connection w/ Dr. Josie Schmidt

Learn easy and effective ways to take charge of your hormone health and well being through essential oil protocols.

Women's Qi Gong for Hormone Balance
Qi Gong is a physical and psychological antidote to the difficulties of daily life.  It consists of gentle movements that can be done sitting or standing.

Ask the Doctors Q&A w/ Dr. Mica & Dr. Josie

Closing Circle and What's Next:
Sacred Feminine Health and Well being Retreat, 11/15
Learn how to pamper yourself with practical application techniques:  Lymph Massage, Sitz Bath, Belly and Abdominal Massage and Intro to Plant Spirit Medicine.

$75, Register Online or Call 503-440-1649.  Space is limited.

Dr. Mica Carew ND, LAc
A licensed naturopath and acupuncturist since 2000, Mica's practice weaves together her traditional Native American upbringing with her formal training in Chinese medicine.  She has created a meditation called the Living Grace Meditation that reflects the same alchemy of ancient traditions that she utilized in her practice.

Dr. Josie Schmidt, ND
A Naturopathic Physician in Portland, Josie graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been in practice since 2002.  She has specialties in Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Detoxification.  Mot recently, she has traveled extensively teaching her passion of Daily Wellness utilizing our most potent plant medicine:  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Organic Mineral Makeup Available at CBYA

September 7, 2011
We are now carrying a wonderful line of organic mineral makeup.  Vapour Organic Beauty is awesome!  The Clarity Cleansing Oil ($28) is featured in Whole Living Magazine.  Come in and give it a try!

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Cannon Beach Yoga Festival Funded by Tourism & Arts Commission

November 16, 2010
The Tolovana Arts Colony has been awarded a grant through the Cannon Beach Tourism & Arts Commission to produce a yoga festival in Cannon Beach - $22,500!  So amazing!  And yet, it makes perfect sense!

Cannon Beach has so much to offer the visitor who is looking for a wellness getaway:  clean, fresh air; a glorious beach and forest; delicious & healthy meal options; lovely spas and an assortment of body work professionals (acupuncture, cranial sacral, massage, etc.); unique shops and galleries; and a variety of lodging options to meet every pocketbook - from ocean front to cabins and camping in the woods.

All of the details are being compiled ASAP, but here is what I know right now:
  • The festival is called:  Cannon Beach Yoga Festival
  • It will happen the last weekend of February:  2/26 & 2/27, with a welcome and registration the Friday night before.
  • There are three amazing teachers coming to teach 4 sessions each.  Take the opportunity to practice with each teacher, by choosing from any of the 12 sessions offered.  Or feel free to book all the sessions with one teacher.
  • The cost will be:  $325 or $295 early bird, before January 8.  And will include morning meditation, 10 hours of teaching and Community Kirtan.
  • The web site is coming soon, here is the link:  Cannon Beach Yoga Festival
  • The teachers are:  Alan FingerJulie Gudmestad; and Tiffany Cruikshank. View their web sites by clicking on their names.
  • There will be a Community Kirtan Event on Saturday evening.
  • The Cannon Beach community is planning special offers and events to welcome the yoga practitioners and help make their stay inviting and memorable.
Please help to make this a successful first year by joining us for the festivities, and tell your friends!

Photo 1:  Alan Finger & Sarah Platt-Finger
Photo 2:  Julie Gudmestad
Photo 3:  Tiffany Cruikshank

Women Only Weekend:Yoga, Shopping, Wine & Music

November 15, 2010
The second annual Women Only Weekend in Cannon Beach (November 12-14, 2010) was a ton of fun!  Special thanks to the Sea Ranch Resort for the use of their beautiful Sundance Event Lodge for 3 yoga classes.  And as you can see, we really enjoyed the great music from the beautiful and talented Mary Kadderly, thanks to Lush Wine Bar and Found.  I look forward to next year's festivities of yoga, shopping, wine, chocolate and music!

Photo 1:  Lolly Allsop & Mary Kadderly
Photo 2:  Ann-Marie Radich & Ann Radich
Photo 3:  Ann Radich & Gigi Selberg
Photo 4:  Gigi Selberg & Libby Pattison
Photo 5:  Ann-Marie Radich
All photos taken at Lush Wine Bar

Sun Salutations for 12 Days of Earth Day Event

April 25, 2010
Thank you so much for coming to the Cannon Beach Chamber Hall to demonstrate your reverence and appreciation of the life-giving solar energy of the sun.  Your graceful, thoughtful and  focused energies were beautiful to witness and share.  I enjoyed my morning with you so very much.  And we raised some money for the Ecola Creek Awareness Project.  So, come on Spring!  Let the Sun Shine...